About Me


My name is Tamar Everson and I’ve got lots to tell you. I’ve got quite a varied array of hobbies and skills, so bear with me!

My interests include:

Digital Security…

I joined Glasgow Caledonian University fresh out of school in 2012. The course had “Hacking” in the title which sounded… unusual. So my career in Digital Security started. Having no idea of the importance or extent of Digital Security, I had a lot to learn. And Fast!

I quickly developed the fundamentals of security and testing by participating in events such as Cyber Security Challenge UK and by and other security events. I setup the GCU Ethical Hacking Society to help further my skills and those of others in the field of Cyber Security, and joined Context Information Security for a year-long internship in 2015 where I was thrown in at the deep end on client sites doing complex web application and infrastructure jobs. It was challenging but great fun! At Context I also sat my CRT practical exam, so just need to sit the theory in order to have full CRT status.

It’s been a fast few years since I joined the Cyber Security Industry, but it’s been immensely fun.

Horse Riding...

When I’m not messing around trying to secure (or break into) my computers? I attend regular horse riding lessons and help run the competitions for Glasgow Caledonian University’s Equestrian Team. I compete on the team within the University, but have yet to win!

Fire Dancing…

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to learn how to swing fire around myself. It’s been a fun journey from swinging tennis balls on string to paraffin-soaked lumps of Kevlar on fire, but the most entertaining moment was probably when I set my pants on fire during a display – twice! It brought real meaning to the phrase “Liar Liar, Pants on Fire” phrase when I assured them I was pretty sure I wasn’t!


When I was 16, I setup a web design business, Kilmore Web Design. I still run the business today, but focus more on providing web hosting than web design, but I still do plenty of websites too.

And Other Bizarre Stuff…

Hmm, there’s loads more stuff about me that you’ll find just as boring as the rest of this information, such as the fact I was the first person in Scotland to have a Self Balancing Unicycle (it’s amazing!) and spent the entirety of the Commonwealth Games commuting to my venue on it.

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